Meet Ed

Ed comes from a background of Accounting, Finance and Business Coaching.  His emphasis is customer service and operates from the point of view that it's important to stay in touch with his clients.  He created the systems that provide his clients with the information that they need, when they need it; based around the ideal that clients are working people, in the trenches, so he always reaches out first.


Ed Fox

Founder & CEO

While Ed has extensive experience as a Controller and Accounting Manager he is also a business coach.  He loves to roll up his sleeves and join entrepreneurs in solving problems.

Our Story

In 1985 Earl and Ed Fox founded Fox Accounting & Taxes based on the ideal that when someone discovers that they want to start a  business they may not know or can't afford the accounting and financial resources that they really need.  That was the impetus for our mission to balance the scales for growing entrepreneurs.  I have learned so much from my dad and will always be grateful for his guiding hand in the beginning right after graduating with my Accounting Degree to now.  Believe it or not dad kept active in the business till 2014 when he past away at the age of 98.

I am very proud to say that our mission hasn't changed in all these years; we want to see our clients succeed.  That is why we show up everyday, it's part of who we are and why we are here.  I'd like to think that dad would be happy to know that we are still true to our personal commitment; to help our clients succeed and grow.


My Vision

My vision is to enable businesses to grow unhampered by their size.  I offer affordable personal and customized accounting & bookkeeping services that come close to having your own in house accountant or controller.

I will free you from the bookkeeping and tax planning responsibilities allowing you to do what you do best.  Run your company.

I offer over thirty years of financial and accounting experience.  I treat every client like family and it shows in the commitment that I hold for your success.

What do you look for in your accountant?

If you want an accountant that is experienced, committed and knows the problems and challenges of your business then give me a call.